Configure RDP AutoPromote Bot

RDP AutoPromote Bot

RDP Windows installed with ready-to-use tools for Internet Marketeer.
The tools for AutoPromote and AutoFollow to several Tokopedia and Shopee.

Software full features :
If you are a seller on Tokopedia or Shopee and want to boost your SALES ?
Did you know that Tokopedia and Shopee has free promote function ?

For getting the Free Promote you must manually click every hour that apply for 1 product ( or 4 hours in shopee for 5 products).
Without clicking the Free Promote, the function will not working.

So... Do you need help to Automate click to get the Free Promote Function in Tokopedia?
This tools came to help you NOW !

Beside AutoPromote, the tool can be use to AutoFollow / Unfollow potential user (Get DISC on Annual payment)

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